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Winter Solstice and Thankfulness

It’s the Solstice today – Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern. For me, it’s the longest night and the shortest day. My 2017 harvest is done, and I’m planting my 2018 seeds – for health, love, family, writing, and spiritual growth. 2017 has been a year filled with a multitude of blessings and challenges – like all years! I’ve sold books, hosted a ton of pool parties for my family and friends, had camping fun in the mountains, had health worries for my family, and made lots of awesome new friends. I’m especially grateful for you, my reader and fan. Thank you for being part of my family and for the loving support you send my way as you read my stories. For me, at the heart of this adventure called life, it’s about peace, love and understanding. So, at this time of the year, whether you say:
Merry Christmas Joyous Kwanzaa Happy Hanukkah Yuletide Blessings
Happy Solstice
…or something else that I haven’t discovered, please cherish the spirit of love, light, and abundance! Big Hug and Happy Reading, Holly Cortelyou Dare to Love!
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