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Opposites attract, but can they trust in love?

When a starry-eyed artist meets an all-business tech genius, it’s gonna take a chocolate lab pup on a mission and one Christmas Cupid angel to pull off this holiday miracle.
♥ ♥ ♥

Welcome to the Wescott Springs series where it's always a sweet and sexy romp to love in this charming village nestled in the Colorado mountains.

Coming soon...
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If you love small town romance that’s sweet, sexy and a whole lotta fun, well, you’ve come to the right spot.
Whether it’s a quirky seaside village or a gorgeous mountain ski retreat, you’re going to find the heart melting heroes of your heart and the sassy heroines who claim their love.
I'm so glad you've come to visit!
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Big Hug, Holly 

PS...Come grab a free copy of  LAST RESORT LOVE for free when you sign up for the HollyGram! If you stick around there's a BONUS EXTRA scene from Last Resort Love...and of course all sorts of extras, freebies, quizzes and updates.

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