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Fall in love with the sexy heroes of Cinnamon Bay as you dive into a new world of romance, mystery and magic in this quirky, seaside village on the dune-swept coast of North Carolina.

No resident is safe from the myth-shrouded magical love spice or the triple threat of the genteel little old ladies known as the Matchmakers -- Hattie, Trixie and Birdie. So, come join us on the Bay’s Boardwalk with its cooling breezes, charming shops, and a one-eyed cat named Hook.

You’ll swoon for your newest book boyfriend in our seven Cinnamon Bay Romance novels with sexy tales of broken engagements, single parents, doctors, nannies for hire, enemies to lovers, secret adoptions, returns to hometown and friends to lovers.

The Cinnamon Bay Romances

Love on the Boardwalk by Nikki Lynn Barrett, Holly Cortelyou, et al.
September Breeze by Nikki Lynn Barrett
Playing Doctor by Monique McDonell
Jewel of the Bay by Brea Viragh
Must Love Maybe by Holly Cortelyou
Treasure of my Heart by Shannyn Leah
Hers to Choose by Connie Davé
The Holiday Novellas
Haunting on Seafoam Street by Brea Viragh
A Christmas Arrangement by Monique McDonell
Three Ice Cream Cones
CB Video

She’s hiding a broken engagement.

He’s concealing his true birth heritage.
They’ll have to trust their hearts even if they’re sure love is a lie.

Now that Eva Halloway is back in her summer haunt of Cinnamon Bay, she has one full plate with the grand re-opening of her newly inherited boardwalk cafe and a broken engagement to hide from the town gossip mill. First, Eva must bury her bruised heart, and second, she must ban the ridiculous Cafe Amour drink from the menu. But, sexy stranger, Mac Jenssen strolls into her cafe and before she knows it, they’ve both sipped on the legendary love concoction. By the end of the day, Eva is up to her neck in a feud with a trio of matchmaking little old ladies and wondering if she can trust herself to help Mac uncover his past.

Macklin Jenssen arrives in Cinnamon Bay to search for the family who gave him up for adoption. Instead, he finds Eva, a legend about love, and a lighthouse with ties to his past. Plus a spiced drink that is out of this world delicious. He hasn’t bargained for any of it, although he isn’t saying no to love. In fact, the more he comes to know Eva, the more he’s considering a permanent move. Too bad she’s made up her mind about him, and it isn’t looking good. But, if he’s wishes to unravel the mystery of his birth parents, he’s going to need Eva’s help.

With town gossip and crazy bat-wielding locals, Eva and Mac face an uphill battle. It might be opposites attract or even fate, but they will have to learn to trust in each other and the power of love.

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Love on the Boardwalk
Must Love Maybe.jpg

A wounded man.

A single mom.

One summer love…maybe.

After a shattering divorce, Lily Corwyn can do it all, or so she wants everyone to think. Juggling a three-ring circus of kids, doggy daycare and guest cottages in her beloved seaside village of Cinnamon Bay is all in a day’s work. When Ben Aldaine, her high school best friend, returns to town, Lily’s independent and hectic life is upended. Now, Ben’s teaching her daughter to drive, mending broken windows and melting her heart…but the last thing she wants is to trust in love and risk another broken promise.

War correspondent, Ben Aldaine, needs a place to heal his body and mind after a roadside bombing. With a little help from chance, or maybe fate, he’s landed back in his hometown. On the Bay’s Boardwalk, an accidental encounter with Lily Corwyn has Ben bumping into old dreams of his first crush and wondering if Lily’s the one who got away.

With doggy antics, a hunt for a mythical spice, and hot, stolen kisses, Ben and Lily have one sultry summer to discover that when it comes to love, there’s no time for maybes…

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Must Love Maybe
Lime 88.png

A misleading ad brings one woman to the door of a widowed father of two.


They're vying for the same job...and the heated competition may turn frenemies into lovers.

Haunting on Seafoam.jpg

The possibility of a future romance is threatened by past mistakes that won’t die.

A Christmas Arr.jpg

Most people would move to a big city to get lost. I decided to move to a small town to get the magic of Christmas.


Fate pushes them together, but bad luck threatens to keep them apart.


Can she break out of her shell and work with the one man she doesn’t trust in order to find the treasure of a lifetime?


She's living a secret life.
He’s trying to rebuild his shattered world.
Can they find the solace in each other’s arms?

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