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Why gamble on a second chance at love?


Cole McCaffrey has it all. A lucrative graphics arts business, a thriving art gallery in a quaint Colorado mountain town…and a hollowness in his heart. When a lucky calamity slams him right back into Alix Porter’s world, Cole can’t escape the old flames of their passion. But with the days ticking down, Cole’s back’s against a wall to fess up to the deception that ripped them apart. Will the truth heal their wounds or separate them forever?


Six years ago, Cole McCaffrey shattered Alix Porter’s heart into a million scattered shards. Now, Alix Porter’s life is golden with her career in high gear and a coveted promotion is on tap. But a quick break in the tourist town of Wescott Springs is about to bring her smack dab in front of her old, broken dreams and Cole McCaffrey. Before she knows it, a tasty bakery, an unexpected adventure, and a pair of dark brown eyes have Alix questioning her so-called perfect life.

With seven short vacation days, can Cole spark their sizzling chemistry and convince Alix of his love, despite the lie that tore them apart?

"...a fun, sweet and heartwarming story that will leave you with a smile."

"A sweet romance, twists of fate and charming characters gave me a delightful read."

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