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One Magic Kiss-HighRes.jpg

He’s a love-burned bachelor.

She’s a quirky, hopeless romantic.

True love only needs a matchmaking witch with one mischievous Valentine’s Day spell.


One kiss by midnight…

With a hopping downtown bar and launching a fresh career adventure, Jake Sterling is much too busy for romance. Besides, he's already had his heart broken by a cheating ex, so why would he take a chance on love now? But one spilled drink, a perfect lemon cake, and Cara Winslet's sparkling eyes, might be the very things to change his mind.

Cara Winslet should've been on top of the world with a dream job in a lovely Oregon hamlet…but she's in a love slump. Between getting stood up at a bar and some crazy texts from an ex, why would she even look twice at the sexy, soulful bar owner, Jake?

Can a sprinkling of faerie love dust bring these Valentine’s hearts together before the last stroke of midnight?


“The banter…is cute and the chemistry is sizzling.” Rosey Loves Books, Amazon reviewer.

“Fast paced love story that I couldn't put down. Sometimes love strikes like lightning, or in this case, a little fairy dust!”  -- Nancy Dillow, Amazon reviewer.

“What a sweet story. Love, fairy dust, hopes and dreams.”  -- Barbara Jacobs, Amazon reviewer.

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