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She’s got an old crush on a hot doctor.

He’s determined to resist his best friend’s sister.

Together, they may spark a fire that will change their lives…forever.


A feisty school teacher…

Samantha Barrett has it all under control…if wrangling a classroom of rowdy ninth-graders, chasing a delinquent dog, or living with your grandmother don’t count against you. As if that isn’t enough, her brother’s best friend, Dr. Ethan Cordero, is back in Barrett Ridge, living next door, and boom!...she’s reviving her silly schoolgirl fantasies starring the delicious doctor.

Ethan’s cool, detached attitude demands she keep her distance, despite the spark of attraction in his gaze. With a history of disastrous romances, Sam’s doubting her instincts and praying common sense will rule the day. But the sight of Ethan’s rock hard abs and his heart-melting dedication to his son has Sam throwing caution to the wind.


A dedicated single dad…

Dr. Ethan Cordero has a clear strategy plotted for a fresh start in his hometown of Barrett Ridge. Only two things count — get Mateo, his son, through high school and grow his medical practice. That’s all good until Samantha Barrett charges into his backyard with her joyful laugh and a delinquent dog. Now, his best friend’s baby sister keeps jumbling up his well-laid plans with her curvy little backside and her surprising bond with Mateo. Much to Ethan’s shock, Sam’s getting under his skin and lifting the shadow in his heart.


Between a con artist canine, a confused grandma, a backstabbing stepmother, and one decadent chocolate cake, Ethan discovers that every path winds right back into the arms of the oh-so-enticing girl next door, Sam.

…and one hot night together will have surprising consequences!

“a sweet, sexy and enticing read!”

“wonderful chemistry”

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