It officially time to declutter...

Anybody else a packrat? Show me a pic from one of your messes! Ok. I'm terrified to share this video of my office, but I’m doing it to draw a line in the sand for myself (and to show you guys my glamorous writing life). It's 2018 and I've vowed to do some serious decluttering. My office isn't a disaster zone, but there is so much STUFF packed into the storage that I do have...jammed files, triple packed shelves, and a horror of a closet. My goal is to ditch all sorts of old, unused stuff that is taking up space. I'm trying to spend 15 minutes each day tackling a drawer or a shelf. I want the energy to flow in this office by Valentine's Day. Make sure I report back on my progress. https://www

New Year and a Fresh Giveaway!

I’M READY FOR ROMANCE GIVEAWAY It’s a new year, which means a new chance at winning fantastic romance prizes! Are you ready? Enter our giveaway from January 1-21 and you could take home a Kindle, Ebook Prize Pack—where you choose the books you want to win—or a sweet Betsy Johnson rosebud crossbody wallet. ENTER TO WIN AT: (Sponsored by the 63 authors listed below) Allyson R. Abbott • Amanda Uhl • Amy Ruttan • Anna Durand • Ashlee Price • Beata Blitz • Christa Paige • Christine d'Abo • Cynthia A. Clement • Cynthia Cooke • Dani Haviland • Debbie White • Denise Devine • Donna Fasano • Donna R. Mercer • Elizabeth SaFleur • Ember Leigh • Holly Cortelyou • J.E. Parker • Jacq

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