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Two Reckless Hearts Releases March 1st

TWO RECKLESS HEARTS releases today, March 1st, 2018! It’s making its solo debut after a bestselling run in the boxed set, Tropical Tryst.

And…I’m thrilled to announce that TWO RECKLESS HEARTS is available on all the major retail sites including iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play as well as Amazon (plus a few others).

Grab your copy today for only $2.99 cents – the price goes up to full price of $3.99 after the book launch extravaganza fun.

I'm so excited for this release...I adore the cover (and the new title fonts), and Jami and Beck melt my heart. I hope you’re thrilled with this first installment in the steamy Barrett Ridge series.


PS…Keep scrolling down for a quickie teaser preview. xoxo



Jami surveyed the list, and Beck peered over her shoulder. Her breath caught in her throat and a dart of tension shot between her thighs. He smelled of cedar and something tropical. It was divine. No, she was not going to let her knees buckle under her.

“What is a red ginger lily? And how are we supposed to know if we find one?” Beck’s bicep brushed hers as he leaned over and pointed at the second item on the list.

She was not going to break into a sweat. She steeled herself. She needed to remember she hated Beck Kavanagh. He was her competition, and she never lost her focus during a fight. Calm. She needed to find her Zen spot. Hell. Why did that make her think of a G-spot?

Jami pivoted and stepped away from Beck as she handed the hunt instructions to him, but Beck grabbed her wrist.

“Let go.”

“Hang on. Hold still.”


“There’s something small, brown and very crawly, right in the middle of your back.”

Jami stiffened like a flag pole. “Get it off me.”

Beck rolled up the map and brushed at her back. “It’s stuck.”

Panic welled in Jami’s belly, but she dragged in a deep breath and exhaled in a low whistle. “You’ve got one job, mister. Now remove it.”

“Maybe you should drop, roll, and squish it?”

“Is that a joke?”

“Yes, but you don’t seem amused.” Beck studied a spot right between her shoulder blades. “Hmm. It seems to have quite a few sticky-looking legs. Very wriggly.”

“If you don’t get it off in the next five seconds, I’m going to rip this shirt right off my body and set it on fire.”

Beck grinned. “Do you want me to flick it off or not? I like your idea better.”

“Do it. Now.” Jami ground her teeth together as a whisper of wind tickled a wisp of hair against her neck. Her knees wobbled.

Beck wound up as if ready to smack the crap out of the bug, but at the last second, he slid the map under the crawler and flicked it away, deep into the ferny undergrowth next to the pathway. “You’re good to go.”

Jami jumped three feet to the side and shivered. “What the hell was it?”

“It was a BDB.”


“A big damn bug.”

“Aren’t you the comedian?”

“I’m an engineer, not an entomologist.”

Jami scowled, but Beck grinned. She scrunched her eyebrows as if to convince him she was not amused, but he pointed at her and laughed. A burble of laughter escaped from between her lips.

“Fine. You win. I won’t take this so seriously.”

Beck threw back his head and laughed with ease. “I find that hard to believe.”

As one, they bent over the map and the list and plotted their next move together. Beck’s shoulder brushed hers, and Jami’s pulse jumped. She threw him a side-eye. His nose was straight, and that chin of his was square, determined, and utterly sexy. His thick black eyelashes swept low, and her heart lurched.

Jami leaned in, and her breasts brushed his arm as she delivered a fleeting kiss on the hard angle of his cheekbone. She sprang back before he could react.

“Thanks for rescuing me.”


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