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Memorial Day FB Hop!

Memorial Day Hop

☆҉➹☆Check out the Memorial Day Hop & Giveaway! ☆҉➹☆҉

Enter to win prizes from 90 of your favorite authors!

Hop on over to my Facebook Page to Get Started -- I've got a $20 Giftcard up for grabs.

Click to Play: Holly's Facebook Page can start on the Hop's Blog Page for a chance to win the grand prizes -- a Kindle Fire and $50 Amazon Giftcard

List of Participants

Em Petrova

Ja'Nese Dixon

Black Love Books

Ella Jade

Heather L Young-Nichols

Amanda Roberts

Leigh Anderson

Zoey Gong

Tmonique Stephens

Lane Martin

Jeanne St. James

J.J. Masters

Kacey Hamford

Jamie Summer

Eva Winters

Bethany Lopez

DJ Bryce

Skye Jordan

Sammi Starlight

Sam Destiny

Lyssa Cole

Tara Wyatt

Reina Torres

Holly Cortelyou

Danyelle Scroggins

Alyson Reynolds


Kate Kisset

Nancee Cain

Dahlia Donovan

Tracey Pedersen

Lola Jamieson

Love Kissed Cozies

Author Wendy Knight

Chiquita Dennie

D.D. Galvani

J.M. Adele

Shelby Reeves

Brandy Dorsch

Elizabeth Lynx

Shelley Munro

Mary Hughes

Monique McDonell

Aliyah Burke

Mia Kayla

D.M. Davis

Jody Kaye

Roberta Capizzi

Christina Butrum

S.L. Sterling

Lyssa Cole

Monica Donnelly

Hilaria Alexander

Michelle Windsor

Brooke O’Brien

Dana Pittman



Brandy Dorsch

Katrina Marie

Taige Crenshaw

McKenna Jeffries

Talia Carmichael

Romance with Misbehavior, Mischief, and Mayhem

Rumer Raines

Michelle Jo Quinn

Jami Denise

Ellis O. Day

Amy Knupp

Cecily Wolfe

Connie Miconi

Mary A. Nason

Renea Porter

Monica Corwin

Celeste Straub

C.C. Cartwright

mary abshire

Peyton Banks

Amy B Wells

A RomCom Kind of Love

Cameron D. Garriepy

Adrienne Dunning

Krissy V

Callie Vegas

Cin Medley

April Moran


Emma Tharp

Emma Nichols

Love Kissed Book Bargains

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